What you can expect


Collaboration. You are the expert of your product. You own precious data and insights that we can leverage to your advantage. I believe that sharing information is essential to the success of your communication plan. I will make sure our exchanges are transparent and aligned with your business goals. 


Performance. My proposals are designed for the best results. Your ressources will be used toward the most performing methods and actions. Technologies are constantly evolving and they are allowing us to know in real time how your audience is reacting to your brand and your content.


Creativity. No matter what product or services you are providing, it is important to impress and delight your clients. Creativity is crucial in creating marketing campaigns. It also fuels great ideas, opens the door to new ways of connecting with your clients, and is a great help in problem solving.


Differentiation. Some companies launch their products and services with a clear idea of who their ideal buyers are. But in many cases, those initial assumptions are wrong — or, at least, they’re not nearly specific enough. It’s important to recognize, then, that your ideal customers may not be who you think. Let’s establish an accurate picture of who you should be focusing on with your marketing and retention efforts.


Actionable recommendations. Consulting is not about theory, and it’s about knowing about the best practices. You want to make a memorable impression on your actual customers and potential clients. We will make sure your offer is clear and attractive to your target market.

Mireille Dufour, Marketing Specialist


Montreal QC

Videoconference available



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