Great marketing strategies are a blend of creativity and planning. Let us start with a complete and extensive brief about all aspects of the project. We will go through what has been done and your expectations. Secondly, we will determine what your business goals are and duration as well as the date of phases and deployment. Let’s make sure you differentiate yourself apart from your competition by showcasing your unique sales proposal.

Here are the elements of a marketing plan:

  • Brand positioning

  • Short and long term goals

  • Strategies and actions

  • Metrics and KPI's used

  • Budget and timeline

Also, let’s make sure we don’t miss any important dates or events in your industry. Do you have to prepare for an event? How many collaborators are involved and what are the marketing activities for the upcoming year? Do you have a social media calendar? Who is in charge of the content. What market share do your competitors own and what are they doing as marketing actions?
You are probably familiar with those, but they are very important aspects of your branding and performance. Is your company appearing on the first page of Google when searching? Do you know your important keywords? Are you using programmatic ad placement or do you have a professional doing it manually? Have you tried videos to stand out online? How is your email marketing performing? Are you getting enough qualified leads? Make sure you bring any concerns or requests in the original brief. 

Mireille Dufour, Marketing Specialist


Montreal QC

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