A persona can have a great impact on your marketing strategy. For instance, if you’re targeting the Boomers, you may want to spend less time and money on social media than if you’re targeting the Gen Z. A persona can tell you where your demographic spends time online, what resources they trust and what pain points they’re facing. This makes the persona development process crucial to your marketing success.


Most companies have a handful of personas due to the different types of customers they have, especially if they offer varied services. Each persona is approached differently from a marketing perspective, making it important to understand them individually. While personas can be time-consuming, they’re highly effective and straightforward.

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By using marketing targeted at your buyer personas, you are primed to outperform your competitors. Websites created with your personas in mind will always outperform generic ones.  By knowing your customers, your website will be more appealing than competitors’ sites that use the same generic messaging for everyone. Evaluate both your and your competitors’ websites through the eyes of your buyer personas to develop an objective understanding of your competitive positioning.

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